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Paws for Deployment

A group of local residents have pioneered a program called Paws for Deployment and have partnered with Barriefield Animal Hospital.

With frequent Afghanistan deployments and recent "last minute" Haiti deployments, it's a service that will help ease the minds of military pet owners.

No longer will troops have to struggle with tough decisions about what to do with their pets. While they're away, Barriefield Animal Hospital staff and local volunteers will make sure these animals are loved and cared for.

They offer long-term boarding, weekend fostering and full time fostering depending on the pet’s needs.

Dogs and cats are safe and well taken care of while their owners are deployed or away for training.

It’s a big commitment for a neighbour or friend to look after someone else’s pet so we will take some of the burden off.

We’ll be a surrogate family for the pet and provide the love and bonding that they have with their owners. It makes it less traumatic for the pet and the pet owner.

Healthy, happy pets are a lot more fun, than depressed pets.

Soldiers with limited options for their pets, now have an alternative to relinquishing their pets to shelters or rescue groups. After all, pets are important members of their families.

Paws for Deployment is a way to help military families. It’s our way to give back to the community and to let people know that we’re here and that we care. This is our thank-you to the troops.

Paws for Deployment will take care of their pet until the service member returns home.

Volunteers can help in big or small ways. If you are interested in helping out or fostering a pet, email Sue Markell at sue@pawsfordeployment.com.


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